Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thursday's Other Stuff...

  • Well, that'll about do it for a Fun Factory Thursday. Load up the bus and take 'em home.
  • So the "world powers" strike some sort of accord on what to offer Iran in hopes to lure them back to the bargaining table. They're mum on the details though, so I thought I'd make a few up...  The "world powers" are including in their accord package:  a one-year deal to play running back for the Toronto Argonauts; the rights to a 12th season of 7th Heaven; Cramer to give Iran a "booyah" on Mad Money; 51% controlling interest in the Maxim 100 list; and a promise that the next season of "24" will have CTU losing to the terrorists.  That ought to get 'em back to the table, eh?
  • AMD saw it's shares gain as they set to launch a new laptop chip.  Well think how much it'd pop if they'd have lauched a new laptop chick instead. 
  • Alright. Getting too goofy.

  • Hey, you never know when you might be on a speakerphone.  So be very careful what you say.  Overheard in the Office!  Hurry up and read it...  That'd be a bummer when the "girl" comes down the next day, eh?  Of course, these are the kind of icebreakers that ultimately end up blossoming into a long relationship.  And make for an interesting "How did you guys meet?" story.
  • GOP Vixen on Bravo's 100 Funniest Movies list.
  • What are the top 9 market timers saying about June?  Check out Mark Hulbert.  They're all bullish! 

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