Monday, June 12, 2006

Mucho Nacho Man

  • Jack Black as "Nacho Libre?" My expectations are pretty low for this one. There is no way I'm going to a theater to see this.  Not a chance.  Not even if they paid me $9.00, offered me free popcorn, and sent a limo to pick me up. 
  • Today's market?  Gross.  Ugly.  I was thinking the pre-options week selling would be met with options week buying.  Not yet.  I"m still long and in the red on my recent buys of beta.  The big news this week will the inflation numbers.  The Federal reserve chatterboxes have been talking up inflation recently, so I'm hoping this will temper fears.  Other fears out there are about the slowing economy.  (So why would they be raising rates anyways?)
  • Netflix flicks... Watched "The Weather Man" staring Nicolas Cage.  Didn't like it.  Too gloomy for me.  I had no idea what it was about going in, so I was hoping for some humor or a love story.  Neither.

  • I'm not a soccer fan.  Kicking a ball around without much scoring.  Not for me. But folks around the world seem to be very passionate about it, and there are lots of youth soccer leagues around so maybe it's catching on. On to the World Cup, which has this strange seeding method where teams aren't seeded. Kind of a random grouping of teams it seems. Anyways, I don't follow it enough to know why. Czech beat the US 3-0 today.  That's a blowout in soccer.  If it were the NFL, that'd be like a 69-0 score.  I wonder if the score gets to 1-0, if folks just start getting up and leaving?  "Well heck, the score is 1-0 and looking like a blowout."
  • Ben Roethlisberger hurt in a motorcycle crash.  He broke his nose and jaw.  At first the report was a bit mysterious about how hurt he was.  Stay tuned.
  • I thought the Heat would beat the Mavs, but so far it's men against boys and the Mavs are just spankin' the Heat.  It hasn't looked like the Heat can even run on the same floor with these guys.  We'll see if going home to Miami changes the outcome.

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