Saturday, June 03, 2006

Weekend Links

  • How this jobs recovery stacks up, by Barry Ritholz. The last Recession did not see consumer spending slow terribly. And, we were coming off employment levels that were artificially high -- or at least unusually elevated -- courtesy of the Tech/Telecom/Internet boom and bubble.  Hey, I agree with that.  I'll add that I think that's why our jobs recovery has been a little tepid.  The unemployment rate is 4.6%.  It's a game of limbo right now.  How low can it go?
  • What's better than red wine for your heart?  Dark soya sauceScientists found that the sauce -- derived from fermented soya beans -- contains antioxidant properties about 10 times more effective than red wine.  Er, good to know but, uh, will it get you drunk? 
  • More health... Restaurants should promote healthy foodsU.S. restaurants, grocers and other companies that sell prepared foods can help prevent obesity by offering more low-calorie, healthy items and promoting them widely, according to a report released by the federal government on Friday.  OK, so you go into a restaurant and order the burger and fries, how will the restaurant staff counter that?  "Sir, instead of what you ordered, here are some steamed vegetables, fruit, and 3 ounces of baked skinless chicken.  And remember, friday night is 'all you can eat brocoli night!'"
  • Cody posted his latest realmoney column up on his blog, for those interested.  I don't know if he's accepting Pay-Pal donations for his haircut fund.

  • Jordan Kahn at In the Money has a weekly market recap up.  Until the market gets a clearer indication as to when the Fed will stop raising rates, and is confident that the economic outlook is not deteriorating significantly, the volatility will continue.  I don't think even the Fed Freakies know when that might be.  Until then, I guess we'll have to rely on MariaB.
  • Michelle Malkin has a Vent up on Staging the News.  An interesting take on how the Australian news was trying to shape the Iraq news.  And other stuff.  Hey, it's Malkin.  Worth a view.
  • Have some fun.   Go add your best to GOP Vixen's Caption This

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