Thursday, June 08, 2006

He's Dead, Jim

  • Zarqawi is dead, Jim! Of course, there probably a million more waiting in the wings ready to take over.  But hey at least one of the lead bad guys is pushing up daisies now.
  • Gee, what's up with Blogger lately?  Can't post.  The blogger page isn't even coming up right now.  Blogger is owned by Google.  So how would that make one feel if this were the new spreadsheet program that was unavailable?  Not a reliable alternative for Excel, eh?
  • 24 coming to the big screen! Yup.  No, it's not  going to be a 24-hour long movie, and it will deviate from the formula.  I don't know how they'll squeeze in all those plot twists in a 2-hr movie.  14 million viewers every week for the TV show. 
  • Market close... Not so bad.  Nice ramp up from the lows.  Texas Instrument helping the afterhours, too.  *Holding and hoping.*

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