Thursday, June 22, 2006

Follow Through Follow Up

No follow through day?

  • Well, after posting yesterday about the potential for the follow-through day?  Uh, not exactly but pretty close for the Nasdaq and the mid-caps.  The thing that was lacking was volume.  While it is good to see the Nasdaq participate and lead, the SP500 didn't and the whole market slumped into the close when the big boys are making their moves.  I still feel that the market is marking time ahead of the Fed Girls next week, but thinking that a "summer rally" is nigh.  Folks seem pretty depressed and frustrated with the market since May 11th, but we're due for some sort of bounce or rally and maybe yesterday's bounce was enough of a follow through to get us moving.
  • Today? Nasdaq volume was lighter than yesterday.  So if we start to see higher volume up days and lower volume down days, that'd be good.  But, no reason to get ahead of ourselves.  The Fed is speaking next week, and right now that's all that matters.
  • Just my guess and I could be totally wrong about the market.  I'm long with beta.  Sink or swim.
  • Long wait until football season...  Time to focus on fantasy baseball, and I've edged back up to #4 in my league of 12.  Fell behind in games played through May, but trying to play catch up.
  • After an unimpressive debut in the CFL during exhibition games, how is Ricky Williams doing now for those Toronto Argonauts when the games count?  LookWilliams ran for 96 yards on 18 carries as the Toronto Argonauts beat the Hamilton Tiger-Cats 27-17 on Saturday in the CFL opener for both teams.
  • (Can I pick up ex-NFL CFL players for my Fantasy Football team?)
  • CNBC's Erin did a quick tease for "Adult Toys" on a segment this morning, and it was about motorcycles and stuff like that.  I think we were all hoping for something else.  Just thinking out loud.
  • I'm not sure what my next smartphone/PDA will be after the Treo 650.  My contract expires in early 2007.  The Motorola Q didn't get great reviews.  The new Sidekick 3 is out, but as somebody said on a forum (somewhere), it "looks like something a teenage girl would have with Hello Kitty stickers all over it."  Hopefully, some more new stuff will come out.  Or, I'll just keep watching and waiting...

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