Monday, June 19, 2006

LennyD on TV Again

  • Did somebody give Lenny Dykstra a few Red Bulls before this week's Bulls and Bears? LennyD was very vocal in his call that this is a bear market. Of course, pretty much everyone on the panel except for Bob agreed with him.  But Lenny was aggressive nonetheless.  Very strange.
  • Oh, the market?  It was down today.  For those looking for a "follow through day" from last week's rally, it didn't happen today. 
  • Great NBA game last night.  But I get the feeling that it'll be very hard for Miami to win in Dallas.  It was hard for Miami to win in Miami!  One thing that is really hurting the Heat is Shaq at the free throw line.  The series would probably be over if Shaq could shoot the freebies.  But that's part of his game and the weak spot for Miami.

  • Health news?  Here's a shocker:  Vegetables may help arteries keep clearA healthy dose of vegetables every day may help keep the heart arteries clear, a study in mice suggests. Researchers found that lab mice given a diet full of broccoli, carrots, green beans, corn and peas developed far less artery narrowing than those reared on a veggie-free diet.   Kind of a downer for those anticipating better results from the "chocolate chip cookies" trials.
  • Game 7 of the NHL tonight!  Edmonton looks to be playing the better puck, but it is in Carolina.  (TV must be bad if I'm watching the NHL).  And remember hockey fans, after tonight you'll probably have to wait a whole 3 weeks before hockey season starts up again!  (It seems to me like it's always hockey season...)

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