Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Paulson for President!

  • Henry Paulson is undergoing confirmation hearings to become the next US Treasury secretary. And CNBC was covering all the "action" as the Senate Finance Committee asked questions.  If Henry Paulson would only have went into some comedy and tomfoolery as comedian Pat Paulsen did running for President from 1968-1996!
  • Henry Paulson said that low taxes and open markets are the key to keep the US economy growing strong.  Nowhere near as entertaining as Pat Paulsen's Presidential platform.
  • Markets are swooning a bit ahead of the Bernanke Bash tomorrow.  I suppose if I thought about it, a little negativity heading into the Fed meeting is probably better than unguarded optimism.  Lots of talk about .25%.  Some wishing for .5% and "done!"  I'd prefer a pause.  But since most are expecting the .25%, the focus will be on the all-important Fedspeak that comes along with the rate hike.  Stay tuned!

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