Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Think Pink!

  • The market is... down again! (As I type). It looks as if the market will never have another up day again.  I hope the private and public pension systems have factored that in to their projections.  OK, it seems gloomy.  But look, the semis and nasdaq 100 are actually up today.  I checked the performance of my beta stocks, and cumulatively I'm down a little over 4% since my buys.  Not the end of the world.  The majority is down around 3%, some around 6%, and one baddie at 10% that is a very small position.  I'm letting them all ride! 
  • Gee, the Pink Panther (with Steve Martin) is out on DVD.  Seems like that one was just in the theaters.  I'm adding it to my Netflix list!  After watching Domino (violent) and The Weather Man (melancholy) this last weekend, I need some comedy!  And it'll be a No Jack Black Zone in the doghouse this weekend.  Although, sometimes Steve Martin is a reach as well.
  • And another new comedy film out today, National Lampoon's George Bush's Iraqi Vacation!  Chevy Chase declined to reprise his roll as Clark Griswold.   President George W. Bush made a surprise visit to Baghdad to try to bolster the new government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Tuesday, days after U.S. forces killed al Qaeda's chief in Iraq.

  • The Decline of the Democrats is Almost Complete, according to The Oregon Magazine  A once-great American political party has become a pesthole for socialist radicalism.  The Democrat Party, no longer the party of Truman and JFK, has been taken over by radical leftists, and may be viewed as nothing more than a pack of liars who are enemies of America.  This fall, I think, all their rhetoric, all their lies, contrary to the pronouncements of their propaganda arm, the mainstream media, will come home to haunt them.  All the claims of impending victory for them, including a retaking of the House, the Senate or both, may turn out to be so much whistling in the wind.  Hoo, those are strong words.  Sounds a bit like capitulation.

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