Wednesday, June 28, 2006

More Power Naps!

  • Hey fatso! Forget about diet and exercise, because it looks like Air conditioning and sleep deprivation may cause weight gain.  Just when I was beginning to think that a diet high in veggies and fruits, combined with a good exercise program was the key to health.  Looks like Oreos and french fries are just fine, thank you very much.  Just turn off the A/C and take long naps on the sofa!  It was so simple and right in front of our noses all this time, too.  Good Lord!  What were we thinking?

Another factor potentially weighing Americans down is air conditioning. The body burns calories when forced to regulate its own temperature and, Allison noted, people tend to eat less in hot, humid weather. 


Lack of sleep is one, they say. Research in animals and humans suggests that chronic sleep deprivation boosts appetite and eating, and studies also show that U.S. adults and children are sleeping less than they used to. In recent decades, adults have gone from sleeping for an average of 9 hours to about 7 hours, the researchers point out.

  • Markets are waiting for Ben.  We'll take a look this afternoon and see which way she breaks...
  • Hoo, I'm just stressing in the days after my interview at Wonderful Inc.  I thought the interview went really well as far as my performance.  I had some concerns about what they told me.  Well, they're calling around and checking my references, so they must be considering me.  They're planning on making their decision by week end.   I have follow-up questions for them if they make an offer, and those could be the make or break.  Or maybe I'll just stay here at the Fun Factory and enjoy life.  Not stress out on the weekends.  Get some naps in.  It's healthy.

  • Video game designers trying to help save the worldThe idea is to use video games to educate youth about real-world issues -- fighting poverty, surviving in war-torn Sudan and negotiating Middle East peace.  Aha, a liberal agenda!  Let me guess, you can help Al Gore save the planet from climate change by battling gross poluters and winning a simulated 2008 election against the evil Republicans!  Beat back Rove, Cheney and Bush, then take on Haliburton to win the game!
  • Slim Pickings from Kahn over at In The Money as he goes over the Nasdaq stocks on the move list in IBD.
  • Larry Kudlow on Henry Paulson.
  • What's for lunch?  Twinkies burritos or Twinkie lasagna?

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