Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Power of One

  • CNBC's Market Technician Wizard Bob Pisani is talking about end of month gaming combined with a Fed meeting. He said that if fund managers are seeing a bunch of losses that they may want to move into winners or get a rally going.  And with the Fed making their announcement today, it could be volatile in one direction or the other.  And it could be a really high volume day!  He didn't even mention the holiday weekend and how that may effect the market, unless I was out getting my bowl of cereal at the time. 
  • I think Bob should go over Market Timing via Lunar Cycles.  Might as well.
  • I'm boring everyone with my self-debate over Wonderful Inc., and they haven't even made me an offer yet.  Having lunch with a former boss from back in the day at the (need a new name here) Happiness and Joy Company.
  • I'm taking some days off over the weekend and going boating and jetskiing.  Booyah.
  • Oil up!  Inventories down!  I tried to play the Memorial Day oil ramp, and ended up only making a few percent. Should've picked up the black gold a few weeks ago ahead of this big holiday weekend, eh?
  • More later!


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