Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat

  • Is it me, or does Nestle buying Jenny Craig seem a bit strange? Does this encourage yo-yo dieting? You can go from Kit Kats to diet TV dinners.  I'm thinking they can have an advertising slogan:  "Now that you've lost all that weight, how about we help you pack it back on?"
  • The markets?  I get the feeling we're just marking time ahead of the Fed meeting next wednesday. Of course, the Fed Girls have been out there chatting it up everyday so what will Bernanke say that shocks us?  Bernanke has been the only one hinting that inflation is contained.  The rest of them keep going on and on and scaring folks. 
  • CBS Marketwatch has an interesting column on on The Pension Peril.  Basically, how folks counting on a pension may be in for s surprise when it comes time to retire.  I can only urge everyone to have a Plan B.  Self-fund the 401(k) and IRA, just in case the pension doesn't pay out the anticipated benefits.
  • Nestle also offers Powerbars and Lean Cuisine TV dinners. 

  • The latest Superman movie is out.  Now I know the plot is probably extremely difficult to predict, so I hate to ruin it for you but I'm going to do it anyways.  OK, he gets in a tight situation that looks like evil will prevail and Superman will lose.  But then in an amazing turnaround, Superman escapes the precarious situation and kicks evil's hiney.  There.  Saved you $10.
  • So, if North Korea says that they're not bound by their pledges and plan on firing a test missle, is negotiating with them on anything worthwhile or a complete waste of time?  Think about that one.
  • More health stuff.  Another shocker!  The American Heart Association is now recommending less fat and more exercise.  "...the new recommendations emphasize the importance of eating nutritious foods and balancing calories taken in with calories burned."  Is this a new recommendation?  Seems like the same one I've been aware of for at least 25 years.  Do people get paid to make these recommendations?  How do I get one of those jobs?  "Well, this just in:  Eat less fat and get some exercise."
  • Nothing changed from the Black Box point of  view on this stock market.  It still thinks we're in a bull market and that this is just a correction, likes buying at these levels.  I already have increased my beta, so I'm just sitting tight.
  • Netflix flicks... Watched Fun with Dick and Jane, and didn't think it was that much fun.  I think they could've done a better comedic job if they focused on going after the boss guy the whole movie instead of just right at the end.  The whole middle part just wasn't that great.  IMHO.

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