Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Rally Mode!

  • The market? Could this be the follow-through day folks have been looking for? I haven't checked the market internals, and given the market's ability recently to stab the bulls in the heart during the final hour, we'll have to wait and see how she closes.  I think frustration has set in for bulls.  I remain long with beta from previous buys, and I think I'm now in the black on some of it.
  • Heat win!  Heat win!  Good series.  Not great, but pretty good.
  • Potassium-enriched salt may cut heart risksIn a study of nearly 2,000 elderly Taiwanese men, researchers found that those given a potassium-enriched salt substitute were 40 percent less likely to die of heart disease or stroke over the next two to three years.  Okay.  But why are we looking for a supplement for potassium?  Later in the same article, A number of studies have suggested that diets high in potassium -- from foods like raisins, bananas, melon, beans and potatoes -- may help maintain a healthy blood pressure.  Instead of a salt substitute, how about cutting down the salt and adding more of these foods that are high in potassium?
  • Cafe Hayek on Testing the Logic of Minimum Wage Legislation.  Makes sense to me.  Not sure how anyone who thinks raising the minimum wage will actually help folks.  Yet, the argument goes on.
  • I think the Fed Girls are in self-imposed quiet period between now and next wednesday's FOMC meeting.  Silence is golden!

  • I recently discovered The Man Show, and my coworkers are shocked that it's taken me so long.  They started forwarding me the vid caps of the clips with The Man Show boy, and they're hillarious.  I went out on YouTube and searched for them last night.  I'll put some links up over the weekend.
  • The long-rumored yet denied business channel from Fox?  WellNews Corp.'s Fox News plans to launch a business news channel by the middle of next year, according to an analyst report on Tuesday that cited recent comments by the network's chairman and chief executive, Roger Ailes.  Just out-babe CNBC!

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